Principal investigator

Nick Ramsey’s lab is a multidisciplinary group of scientists that study human brain function. The central motive of the lab is to elucidate the neuronal mechanisms underlying human brain function in health, in order to help patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders, with a focus on neurotechnologies, such as Brain-Computer Interfaces. We research on many topics from hand & speech sensorimotor function, to language, vision and working memory processes.

A list of our publications can be found here.


Faculty & Postdocs

Mariska Vansteensel

Assistant Professor

Erik Aarnoutse

Assistant Professor

Zachary Freudenburg

Senior Postdoc

Mathijs Raemaekers

Senior Researcher

Dora Hermes

Postdoc - Veni fellow


Research assistants

Sacha Leinders

Research Assistant

Maxime Verwoert

Flow Manager


Staff & Support

Annemiek Elbertse

Administrative Assistant

Vincent Kersten

System Administrator



Benny van der Vijgh
Philippe Cornelisse
Research assistant - Flow manager
Efraïm Salari
PhD candidate
Elmar G M Pels
PhD candidate
Lisette Charbonnier
Mark L C M Bruurmijn
PhD candidate
Anna Gaglianese



Frans Leijten, UMC Utrecht Brain Center, Department of Neurology

Natalia Petridou, UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences

Wouter Schellekens, UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences

Kai Miller, UMC Utrecht Brain Center, Department of Neurosurgery