After my master in neuropsychology I came across BCI and was hooked instantly. On a scientific level I was fascinated by the union of technology and knowledge about the brain in the form of BCIs. On a more personal level I was inspired deeply by the fact that BCIs can restore one of the most basic and important abilities we possess and one usually taken for granted – namely the ability to communicate. I am currently working as a research assistant on the UNP project. I feel very fortunate to be able to work on this project and it’s very motivating and instructive to work in a team comprising people with different backgrounds. Seeing the end-result of years of hard work directly during my work is very inspiring and I can’t wait to see what else the future of BCI research will bring us.

Sacha Leinders

System administration is so much more exciting in a science and research setting. Not just ‘being the helpdesk’ but a partner in finding solutions for complex computing needs and data flows. In Nick Ramsey’s lab we are creating and using state of the art tech to improve other peoples lives.

Vincent Kersten

I am Nick’s personal assistant and also I try to be of help for the researchers and students in our group. I have worked with Nick since the Summer of 2008. He is an inspiring scientist and I feel I work in a very dynamic environment. In my office things come together with the group, the hospital and many (inter)national cooperations. Apart from the staff, in our group people come and go and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for a longer or shorter period of time with us and the world. Together we want to make life better for patients who lack (easy) communication.

Annemiek Elbertse