NEUROCIMT: Invasive sensing

The NeuroCIMT programme aims at developing novel ways of monitoring and treating neurological diseases and sensory impairments through quantitative models of the brain.  The overall research programme combines fundamental research with actual applications in a clinical setting, bringing together experts from the academic, clinical, and industrial world.

The NeuroCIMT programme consists of 8 different projects of which we are part of project number 8: “Invasive sensing”. The goal of this project is to gain knowledge of the cortical organization of the human sensorimotor cortex, in order to further advance Brain-Computer Interface and Neuromodulation solutions for people with afflictions of the sensorimotor system. The research utilizes state of the art cortical sensing technology to map and model the relationships between neuronal signals (spatial and temporal cortical features), muscles and hand movements. This project is a collaboration between TUDelft, Radboud University and UMC Utrecht.