Previous Projects

Functional MRI markers for anxiety disorders. Studies into feasibility of using fMRI to indicate levels of generalized anxiety in patients, for use in drug development and efficacy testing. [2000 – 2002]

Protocol development for pre-surgical non-invasive localization of language functions. A project to develop Tasks for fMRI to provide surgeons and neurologists with location of important functions to be spared in epilepsy surgery (language, motor, memory). Funded by the Dutch National Epilepsy Fund (NEF). [2001 – 2005]

Effects of XTC use on the brain. A multicenter study into effects of first use of XTC on brain structure, function and neurochemistry. A collaboration with the AMC, and use of MRI, Spectroscopy, SPECT and functional MRI. [2002 – 2006]

Neural basis of automatization of cognitive functions. A study on the effects of training on the dynamics of the neural networks underlying working memory function. Funded with a VIDI grant awarded by ZonMW to Nick Ramsey. [2003 – 2008]

Therapeutic opportunities for cannabinoid ligands in the treatment of smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, impulse control disorders and cognitive dysfunction. A multicenter project aiming at identifying potential therapeutic applications of endocannabinoid systems. At the UMC the involvement of eCB was assessed for 6 brain functions. Funded by TI-Pharma. [2007 – 2011]

Human CNS neuroprosthetics: substituting lost brain function. A study on feasibility of decoding neural activity in the human brain using electrodes implanted under the skull. Goal was to provide proof of concept of using motor and cognitive brain regions for driving a BCI to generate clicks (brain switch). Funded with a VICI grant awarded by STW to Nick Ramsey. [2007 – 2013]

The power of intracranial EEG for BCI. Part of the large multicenter Dutch consortium to develop new technologies for direct interfacing with the brain(BrainGain). We investigated signals from implanted electrodes in patients and from 7 Telsa fMRI in healthy volunteers, to determine optimal grid characteristics and positioning for BCI. Funded by SmartMix, Ministry of Economic Affairs. [2007 – 2013]