National and International Projects

We elucidate the neuronal mechanisms underlying human brain function in order to understand, diagnose and treat patients with mental disorders and with afflictions of the central and peripheral nervous system.

We aim to understand the relationship between electrical, metabolic, cerebrovascular and neurochemical processes of neuronal populations on the one hand, and normal and abnormal behaviour on the other hand. To that end, we focus both on methodology and application in brain imaging research.

Utrecht NeuroProsthesis

Establishing communication in people with Locked-In Syndrome via a fully implantable Brain-Computer Interface system.

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Investigate feasibility of decoding sign language and inner speech from brain activity patterns suing high-density ECoG grids.

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Understand cortical organization of the human sensorimotor cortex, in order to further advance Brain-Computer Interface and Neuromodulation solutions.

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Bad-Ass Imaging Research

Relate fMRI measurements directly to electrocorticography, optical and non-invasive electrical methods, at very high resolutions.

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Language in Interaction

Understand the language system, the interplay with different cognitive systems and speech production using ECoG and fMRI signals.

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Augmented, accurate, full colour and interactive 3D Brain Visualizer that combines multiple neuro-imaging sources to improve brain visualization.

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The UMCU and Elitac are developing a neuro navigation in a shirt that uses vibrations to guide the neurosurgeon during surgery.

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BrainCarta is a spin-off company from the UMCU that will enable radiology departments to provide fMRI scans to neurologists and neurosurgeons even without specialists on site.

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Development of a fully implantable neuroprosthetic device for monitoring brain function, from design to market planning.

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Past projects:

  • BNCI Horizon 2020 (2013-2015): A consortium of 12 partners from academia, industry and healthcare have composed a Roadmap for development and application of  Brain-Computer Interface technology in the European arena.
  • HCMI project (2010-2015): Investigate whether real-time feedback of one node of the network (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex), enables people to regulate function of the whole network.
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