• Utrecht NeuroProsthesis

    A brain implant has been placed in a patient enabling to operate a speech computer with her mind

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  • High-Density ECoG

    Research using small and compacted High-Density ECoG grids to record brain activity at a millimeter scale

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  • Research Projects

    We study the brain using ECoG and high field fMRI

  • Our team

    We are a multidisciplinary group of scientists that study human brain function


RIBS - Registration and Imaging of Brain Systems

What is RIBS all about?

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Utrecht NeuroProsthesis

The first fully implanted Brain-Computer Interface for communication.

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High-Density ECoG Research

Latest advancement in neuroscience at millimeter scale.

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Research Projects

An overview of ongoing and completed studies.

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Code & Data

List of software and datasets openly available in our Lab.

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Our Team

Check out our team of multidisciplinary researchers.

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