Openly sharing code and data with the scientific community

Reproducibility is a fundamental tenet of scientific publication and credibility. In our Lab we believe in Open Science and promote scientific collaborations. Below you find the list of software and datasets that are already openly available. If you have questions feel free to contact us. 



Matlab toolbox for Automatic Localization of Intra-Cranial Electrodes using pre-operative MRI and post-operative CT images
Matlab toolbox for unsupervised localization of high-density ECoG grids placed intraoperatively
Toolbox to generate rectangular representations of brain areas
Software system to acquire, process brain signals and to allow independent control of the UNP BCI system



iEEG and fMRI dataset collected from a large group of human subjects while watching a short audiovisual film
BCI questionnaire
Animation videos used in BCI questionnaires for users, caregivers and researchers.