Scientific advancements with High-density ECoG grids

At the department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center we use high-density ECoG grids to learn more about the brain. More specifically, we investigate how the brain controls hand movement and produces intelligible speech, and we develop cutting-edge tools to streamline signal acquisition, processing and interpretation.

High-density grid recordings are performed either intraoperative, during for example tumor resection awake surgery or during Epilepsy monitoring period at the UMC Utrecht.



Automatic and unsupervised localization of high-density ECoG grids 

Speech Perception

Detection and idenfiticaiton of perceived speech in sensorimotor cortex


Decoding four spoken phonemes using high-density ECoG grids

Facial Expressions

Classification of four facial expressions from sensorimotor cortex


Identification of speech, articulators and facial movements signatures in the sensorimotor cortex

The Utrecht NeuroProsthesis

The first ever fully implanted Brain–Computer Interface in a locked-in patient with ALS