We welcome students with a background in neuroscience, cognition, engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence or imaging for performing internships in our group. Internships typically last 6 months or more. 

During the internship, you will work closely together with one of our PhD students and/or postdocs, and be involved in one or more aspects of performing research: planning, data acquisition, data analysis and reporting. Most internships will involve either fMRI (3T or 7T) and/or Electrocorticography (ECoG).

Topics include:

– How to optimally use the organization of the sensorimotor system for BCI purposes
– Cognitive BCIs
– The relationship between the fMRI BOLD signal and the underlying neuronal activity
– Function mapping in epilepsy patients

Students looking for an internship or a literature thesis project within these topics or a related subject, are welcome to contact us.


University Medical Center Utrecht

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