UMC Utrecht Brain Center
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
STR room 4.117
UMC Utrecht

Contact Information

Email: y.berezutskaya @

Research Interests

  • ECoG
  • fMRI
  • Language
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks

Julia Berezutskaya

PhD candidate




Julia Berezutskaya is a PhD student at the University Medical Center in Utrecht working with Nick Ramsey and Peter Desain. She hold two Master’s degrees: in Linguistics (from Moscow State University) and Cognitive Neuroscience (from University of Trento). She focus on searching unlabeled intracranial brain activity data for structures in language processing that occur during natural verbal interaction.

She currently investigates the cortical representations of language by applying data-driven techniques to ECoG data, as part of the Language in Interaction program. She also develops tools for neural network data mining and visualization of ECoG electrodes and fMRI maps on brain surface. These tools can be found on her GitHub page.