UMC Utrecht Brain Center
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
UMC Utrecht
Str 4.119
PO Box 85060, 3508 AB Utrecht
The Netherlands

Contact Information

Email: M.Kromm-2 @

Research Interests

  • ECoG
  • fMRI
  • Ipsilateral movement
  • Laminar neuroimaging
  • Sensorimotor integration

Maria Kromm

PhD candidate


Maria completed her research master’s degree in ‘Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience’ at the University of Groningen. Before joining the RIBS research group, she worked at the University College London on the plasticity of sensorimotor hand representations. 

Her main interests lie in understanding how movements are represented in the brain and how we can use this knowledge to improve brain-computer interfaces. She is a PhD student and research assistant on the INTRECOM project. Her research focuses on decoding ipsilateral and contralateral hand movements in the primary motor cortex. For this, she uses laminar neuroimaging and electrocorticography (ECoG).